World Youth Day: heralding a new dawn for Barangaroo?

And what or who is Barangaroo? Barangaroo, of course, was the wife of the famous Aboriginal Australian Bennelong, and is now also the name of the “East Darling Harbour” foreshore development planned by the Iemma Labor Government. One only really needs to consider the “before” and “after” images online here to fully appreciate the unprecedented opportunities that this site offers the city and people of Sydney. It is assuredly quite rare that a city of Sydney’s size and prominence has the opportunity to reinvent such a large sector of land so close to the heart of the city.

While I know at least one person who is relieved to be out of the country for Sydney’s World Youth Day celebrations, personally I am a little disappointed to be missing out on all the hullabaloo. In particular, it would have been nice to have been part of the first major civil usage of the Barangaroo site following the demolition of the site’s storage sheds, which completed in April 2008. This is a site which, fingers crossed, will change for the infinitely better over the coming decades. It will be nice to observe things develop to the point where Sydney inherits a new drawcard for residents and tourists alike, and we all have something just a little more to be proud about.

ELSEWHERE: The State Government’s detailed concept plan is available online here. Some of the World Youth Day pictures online at the SMH are quite spectacular and give a certain flavour of the Barangaroo that is to come for Sydney.