Hell’s inferno, thirty minutes away?

Like just about everyone I suspect, I am shocked and disturbed by the bushfires that have wreaked havoc across Victoria over the last few days. The truly apocalyptic pictures that are coming out the worst hit areas beggar belief, as do the heartwrenching stories of those who have survived the tragedy, but lost so much. I also can not help but be dumbstruck by the incongruity of it all, as Armagnac observes:

Melbourne squirms, wringing its wrists, not knowing what to do or how to help, as all around us firestorms are razing houses, removing historical towns from the map and burning people to death.

Sitting in my apartment in Melbourne as the sun slowly sets on a rather crisp, pleasant day in the city, it is hard to believe that all that chaos and destruction is just thirty minutes away. It does not seem fair that this metropolised little world, geographically so close to the chaos, has been spared the terrors or our regional friends and neighbours. Most of us, no doubt, toddled off to our places of work and study today just as any other day, our thoughts drifting, but our immediate concerns still squarely focused on the humdrum of everyday life. If only we could all somehow share out the misery and pain amongst us and lift the burden from those who have completely unfairly borne the brunt.

All we can do is ponder how we can all do our little bit to help. For this camper, that means looking into donating both money and blood.

You can donate money online here at the Red Cross website. I have had some issues getting my payment through today for some reason, but you may have better luck.

Reportedly urgent demand for blood in Victoria has been met following a wonderfully massive public response in the aftermath of the tragedy, but you might also want to consider donating blood.

Channel Nine are also reportedly hosting a fundraising telethon on Thursday night.