Please evict this old tat from our television screens

The once vain dream that maybe, just maybe, the puerile tedium of Big Brother would be removed from our television screens has finally come to pass after eight long years. Of course, it is probably too early in the day to be completely relaxed about the axing, given that there is at least some chance that another free-to-air channel will pick up the concept. Still, one can’t help but think that this result is a big win for television viewers across Australia. The countless hours of air-time that have been filled by the preening and pointless mediocrity of this program can hopefully now be filled by some other slightly less rubbish programs. The once novel concept the show revolved around, shamelessly reloaded as it has been over the past eight years with only trivial changes, can now be laid to rest, as it surely should have been several years ago.

The axing does seem to suggest that by at least one measure at least, the British stomach for rubbish television may be stronger than the Australian stomach. In case you are wondering, Big Brother has just entered a ninth season in Britain. Although admittedly, both countries do retain a strange and inexplicable attachment to Neighbours; that perpetually reanimated corpse of a soapie nag that surely drew its last fresh breath around a decade or more ago.