The lot of them will be run over at this rate

Richard Glover is sadly dead on the money with his column in the Spectrum of today’s Sydney Morning Herald. He hits the nail on the head more beautifully and more succinctly then I fear I can manage just at the moment; consider these three cuts:

Week two of the “Me Too” election and Abbott and Gillard are like contestants in a three-legged race, middle legs lashed together, each with an arm desperately gripped around the other’s shoulder, fingers digging in, careering over the political landscape, determined never to be separated.

Same policy on asylum seekers, same squib on the environment, same anxious sidestep on gay rights.

On the magnificence that the belligerent focus on certain marginal seats has delivered us:

Since it’s all about attracting the voters of marginal seats, such as Lindsay, you do wonder why the rest of us even need to be involved. Why not just opinion-poll everyone in Penrith’s High Street and do whatever they reckon is the right thing?

And finally, on where this is headed:

Julia Gillard cites the Welsh socialist Nye Bevan as her political hero. Maybe it’s time she remembered his most famous quote: “We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.”

The average Australian punter may not have a grasp of the finer details of public policy, but they have a built-in sixth sense when it comes to political disingenuity, aka bullshit. The baseball bats needn’t have been out for Labor just yet after only three years, but one just gets the sense after all this bickering, dilly-dallying and lowest common denominator marketing, a fair few are now going to be pulled out in the marginals on August 21.

Come on Julia. Give us all a reason to vote for you!

2 thoughts on “The lot of them will be run over at this rate

  1. The last sentence above would apply to Abbott, his mischief making has deliberately obscured focus on real issues.
    But yes, am despairing of Gillard. What rot to pass off as education policy, unless this is an attempt (again) to park a difficult issue till later.
    two and half weeks to go..

  2. The strategy seems to be all about parking all diifivult or in any way controversial issues until after the election. I hope Labor wins, but part of me feels they deserve a good, hard slap in the face on the way through.

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