Kevin Ekendahl: supporting bold action

Liberal Candidate for Melbourne Ports, Kevin Ekendahl just sent me a letter. In case you were wondering, these are the bits that are apparently really important:

  • crucial for the future of our nation
  • we are already a weaker nation
  • Increased cost of living pressures
  • Massive debt, Budget deficits, waste and mismanagement
  • unnecessary uncertainty
  • there’s too much talk and not enough action.
  • taking real action and delivering real results
  • Our Action Contract with Australia
  • real action to strengthen the economy
  • Budget back into surplus
  • Australia’s border security, raise education standards
  • improve local health services
  • It’s time to get things done and get Australia back on the right track.

I wonder who decides what phrases in these condescending, paper-wasting template letters should be highlighted in bold because apparently the author believes these are the only bits people are likely to read?

Also, does anyone else thinks that the “Support Real Action” campaign jingle sounds a lot like “support re-election”? A damn fine idea.

2 thoughts on “Kevin Ekendahl: supporting bold action

  1. It’s an election that illustrates how much spin has come to dominate politics. Abbott and Gillard are like robots and all we get are ceaseless reiterations of mantras and simplistic catch-alls.

  2. Indeed. I can’t recall a campaign – state or federal – where issues have taken such a back seat.

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