Julia Gillard for full-forward?

With the Prime Minister taking a little bit of heat in recent polling, there has been a lot of fluffy speculation around the traps in the media that the Deputy Prime Minister might soon be looking to secure a promotion for herself. The media loves giving the old “leadership speculation” angle a run, particularly when the protagonists are a little novel. In recent years, its all been about the Liberal Party – Nelson, Turnbull, Hockey, Abbott. Now that there’s a whiff of tension between hitherto golden boy Rudd and his fiery deputy, the media is cock-a-hoop.

Julia Gillard, however, is having none of it:

Ms Gillard said she was more interested in making Australia a better place than becoming prime minister.

“What gets me up every morning to do my job is my passion and enthusiasm for making this a strong and fair country,” she told reporters in Brisbane.

“There’s more chance of me becoming the full-forward for the Dogs (Western Bulldogs AFL team) than there is any chance of a change in the Labor party.”

In essence, I agree with Julia – the suggestion is ridiculous. I don’t think it remotely likely that there will be a Federal Labor leadership challenge before the next election. In fact, I’m willing to put money on the fact that there will be a change in the leadership of the Federal Liberal Party before there is a change in the leadership of Federal Labor. Any takers?

The media needs to get back onto the main game, and off the leadership rubbish. I think its fairly certain now that we are going to see a Rudd vs. Abbott showdown at the next poll.

10 thoughts on “Julia Gillard for full-forward?

  1. Apparently Rudd’s approval rating has improved a couple of points while Abbott has remained static. Nothing to report here folks, let’s run with the Rudd vs Gillard meme. Journalism in this country keeps hurtling to new lows every day.

  2. How suicidal for Gillard to rock the boat now. She’ll hold fire at this stage, with a second Labor victory in the offing, bar the sort of tabloid wet dream thst’s being discussed here.
    The right want one of their own there but there is no more an apparent PM from the ALP right than, by analogy, any current likely accurate identification of the next Coalition PM.
    As a footy fan the writer can tell you a premiership is nice, but a run of them is even nicer.

  3. Jane – yep. Leadership speculation is something like the lowest common denominator.

    Paul, I think Gillard will be the next leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party regardless of her faction – but this is likely to happen only in the indeterminate future. At least one and perhaps more likely to be at least two elections away, methinks?

  4. Maybe Rudd should take more oversea trips so Gillard can get more work experience as PM.

  5. Matthew, in an election year, I think the Prime Minister is going to play the overseas travel card very carefully. Given the mild controversy over his many overseas trips earlier in his tenure, I am guessing that he will plan to limit foreign visits as much as is feasible to minimise risk.

  6. Mark – you’re about a month late! 😉

    I just think its a crazy, jumpy, premature move by the Gillard backers to push for this now. It seems that she now has the numbers and is odds on to win the ballot this morning, but arguably that’s only because the alternative; a divided party lead by a leader who has now been publicly undermined – is not too attractive an option.

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