Powering down

Damn – can’t believe Christmas and the end of another year is upon us already! As you may have already guessed, my already fairly itinerant blogging pipeline has been clogged by numerous other life-type things for the past few weeks. This situation will indeed continue into about mid-January, after which point I will return from a jaunt around New Zealand’s South Island and (presumably) much holiday season merry-making.

2010 promises to be a very interesting and challenging year for the broader left. The Obama Administration, if it hasn’t already, is about to hit the big, hard, cold brick wall of reality in a nation dominated by conservative politics. The Rudd Government has a challenge on its hands convincing the electorate that it has lived up to people’s expectations in an election year, and actually delivered on a reasonable proportion of its promises. It is a nice change for a government to be so supremely consultative, but people want more than a chance to have their say; they want to see runs on the board. Federal Labor also has an interesting and potentially dangerous new adversary to deal with in the form of Tony Abbott, Barnaby Joyce, and their brand of backwards-brained populism.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens. Best wishes to all – read you next year!

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