City of churches

So, courtesy of the absurd Melbourne Cup public holiday coming up for Victorians next Tuesday, I am spending a long weekend in the vicinity of Adelaide this weekend. Its as far west as I have yet been in Australia, so its kind of exciting in a goofy way. Clearly I’m not a true Melbournian – I’m excited rather than derogatory about the prospect of going to Adelaide. :)

Any hints, tips, suggestions?

2 thoughts on “City of churches

  1. “Clearly I’m not a true Melbournian ” Not if you’re going to be ungrateful for hallowed rights like the cup holiday.

    Enjoy Adelaide. Watch the roads, because if you thought Dandenong had a bogan driver problem…

    Oh, more positive tips- go down the Florieau (however they spell it) Peninsula to the McLaren Vale wine region, visit PERTARINGA winery and try their grenache and shiraz lines- they do a fantastic cleanskin at less than $10 per bottle in a case, and it’s very quaffable. The whole area is lovely and the beaches are amazing, absolutely amazing. Then head back up the coast (after booking first) and have a seafood lunch at Star of the Sea, overlooking the beach.


  2. Hmm… sounds good.

    I’m certainly grateful for the holiday but clearly by using it to escape Melbourne I am probably violating something sacrosanct, undermining said gratefulness!

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