Problem gambler

In my local Cafenatics branch I could not help but notice this excellent cartoon by Joel Tarling, on a free Avant Card:


From the collection of symbols available on the machine to the name of the machine, I think it’s a very clever piece of work no matter which way you look at it. Personally, I don’t begrudge Peter Garrett his foray into mainstream politics, and despite some recent decisions emerging from his office, I still have faith that he is pushing his point of view at every party room meeting that he can. It goes without saying that if enough people of Garrett’s stripes joined the ALP, the ALP would be a very different beast.

Would he have had a greater impact on Australian politics if he had joined the Greens? Time will tell, and I really don’t think we can say for sure one way or the other just yet.

4 thoughts on “Problem gambler

  1. Well not necessarily. If there is a tipping point at which point the hardcode pragmatists are outnumbered, then we could see some real reform.

  2. Is Peter Garrett gambling away his environmental credibility because of the Labor Party Machine or would he be more effective as a Maverick or Greens MP? In sentimental parochial green circles, I believe so. On the issue of the environment I would be more inclined to believe the opposite is true.

    It seems, that the greatest heresy environmental cliques occurs when appeasing the masses; by mobilising the political leadership of this country and developing a policy framework that transitions vital institutions of society towards an ecologically sustainable future, somehow taints the hardcore green credential of the environmental warrior. Ultimately if he achieves sustainable outcomes then I dare a braver person to stand up to the scrutiny of political life. By choosing not to label his political agenda as a one issue crusade consequently attracts little positive reception from sections of the press or conservation movements, However he may attract a future generation that may be appreciative of his initiatives.

    The underlying assumption is the expectation that Peter Garrett is a skillful political representative. From an outside perspective it seems his greatest vulnerability is the lack of influence he holds over the Federal Labor leadership, which is essentially the underlying point of the cartoon. For ultimately in public life your your percieved achievements are scrutinised.

  3. Well, yes I think at least in terms of mainstream political experience, Garrett’s failings have been exposed a little during the course of the last year. I am still hopeful that he can leave a lasting mark on his portfolio in government; he deserves to.

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