In Melbourne, in apologia…

I hope all and sundry had a happy new year!

I am now settling down in Melbourne in a new role and in a new apartment. Just yesterday the home internet connection chestnut was cracked at last, so that means that service here will resume shortly. Despite being shocked by the chilly winds that blow around the Yarra in the late afternoon – even in Summer – I am excited about being in Melbourne and having a whole new city to explore. Melbourne readers feel free to drop me a line (guy -AT- if you’d like to catch up for a chat and/or a beverage over the months ahead.

2009 promises to be a fascinating year in Australian politics, and of course global politics, what with the ongoing fallout from the financial crisis and the enormous expectations placed on the incoming Obama Administration in the United States. Nobody ever said that being a political tragic was easy.

3 thoughts on “In Melbourne, in apologia…

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you had moved to Melbourne, Guy.

    I have to confess Melbourne will always be my favourite city – with the trams and slower pace a great city for pedestrians. It’s also really the centre of publishing and what I guess you’d call the literary Left in Australia.

    Living in Melbourne as a kid, I always felt it was a warmer city and had more of a sense of humour. I used to love going to the Vic Markets every fortnight as a kid – all the different cultures and food.

    I’m a big admirer of Robert Manne, and I can’t imagine him coming from any other city. The Fabians are a much stronger force in Melbourne, too.

    P.S. How funny’s the Windschuttle prank?

  2. It all happened quite quickly actually! Since coming back from London I’ve been looking for suitable work opportunities in both Sydney and Melbourne, and it just so happened that a role in Melbourne surfaced first. Provides a great opportunity to experience the life in Australia’s second-best city [ducks]. 😉

    I have noticed that the Fabians seem to hold two or three times the number of events down in Melbourne that they do in Sydney. I’ll definitely be aiming to make the most of that. Also plan to get out to the Suzuki Night Market at Queen Victoria Market next week.

    As for the Windschuttle prank – couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke, eh?

  3. Indeed, mate! Sounds like you have your hands full at the moment, but once things calm down, we’ll have to catch up. Drop me a mail.

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