Well after what seems like several millennia of campaigning and what must have amounted to countless of billions of dollars spent, the winner of the race for the White House will likely be known in less than twenty-four hours. The polls are looking very good for Barack Obama, with the Democrat ahead in most of the battleground states. Although it is undoubtedly a mistake of statistically extreme proportions to do so, it is very tempting to consider what events we may all witness in the coming hours if these early results are anything to go by:

Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location have just 115 residents between them and kept up their tradition of being the first to cast their votes on election day.

The usually Republican strongholds went for the Democratic candidate by a big margin.

In Dixville Notch, Obama notched up 15 votes to McCain’s six. In Hart’s Location they voted 17 to 10 in Obama’s favour, with two voters going for the libertarian candidate, Ron Paul. The Independent candidate, Ralph Nader, got no votes in either village.

I for one will be following the election coverage with avid interest over the course of the next day, and keeping my fingers crossed for a Democrat victory. My tip, and probably just about everyone else’s, is that Barack Obama is teetering on the brink of making history – and that tomorrow he will decisively defeat a Republican team that is tired and has provided only lacklustre competition. John McCain is not offering anything new to the American people for the future and quite frankly, is too old and jaded for the considerable tasks at hand. Sarah Palin, as John Cleese so wonderfully puts it, has done a magnificent job of dethroning Michael Palin as the world’s funniest Palin, but is not up to the job she has been nominated for.

The United States is on the verge of something wonderful – an opportunity for resounding change that only comes along once or twice in a generation. Will they now carry it through and signal the start of a bold new political era for their nation and indeed the world at large?

4 thoughts on “Obamalanche?

  1. Great news!

    I wrote down on a calendar months ago – before the crash – my prediction that Obama would win between 51 and 53% of the popular vote. So I’m feeling pretty smug right now. Though I think if I followed George Orwell’s advice and regularly wrote down my political predictions I’d be brought down to earth quick smart. Still, 1 out of 50 ain’t bad!

    There’s an interesting article in the NY Times under the heading “A Once-United G.O.P. Emerges, in Identity Crisis” that you might find interesting, Guy.

    And you should check out National Review Online – they really are a bunch a nuts.

    Peter Beinhart said something interesting last night on Lateline – that the Democrats will actually be more Liberal than in FDR’s day (a growing western delegation but no southern wing to hold them back). Interesting.

  2. The last twelve months have been wonderful for people from our side of politics – state politics aside perhaps. I can’t wait to see what kind of President Barack Obama is going to be. If he delivers even a fraction of the change that all his silken rhetoric promises, then all of it would have been worth it.

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