On South African chicken chains and fallen leaders

I think it’s far from a bad thing for businesses to engage in a bit of political humor from time to time, so personally I welcome this from Nandos (from the otherwise bin-worthy Sunday Telegraph):


Some quick Nandos trivia; in the United Kingdom, Nandos effectively functions as a restaurant chain rather than a run-of-the-mill burger chain as in Australia. I have a few fond London memories of sitting down with people and devouring whole chickens, chilli sauce being of course obligatory.

4 thoughts on “On South African chicken chains and fallen leaders

  1. That’s pretty sophisticated advertising.

    I had Nandos a few months ago – after a Pathers defeat – and I really like it. It soothed the bitter pain of defeat. The sauce is really nice – we eat it at home.

    Just one question: where the hell is the food from? Is it Portuguese/Mozambician/made-up?

  2. Wikipedia is once again informative – and it seems you are close to the mark there GB.

    It is indeed pretty good stuff – and I like that you can buy the sauces in supermarkets.

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