Obama, Osama, a media piñata

Sure, I think this is kind of clever and “wryly amusing”, but coming as it is supposedly from a liberal publication like The New Yorker, it is also somewhat stupefying. Don’t the magazine’s editorial staff realise (or is it that do they just don’t care?) that there are people out there in the United States whose racist or just plain insane views about Barack Obama could do without any (even satirical) reinforcing? In a not dissimilar fashion to the Mohammed cartoon fiasco, what we seem to have here is a media outlet indulging in a form of lurid self-gratification; self-gratification, of course, in the name of editorial freedom, artistic integrity, or whatever other elitist flag one can conceive of being bandied about.

Either that or it is just a plain colossal misjudgment that records (in wink nudge, ha-ha triplicate) that self-destructive foolishness is alive and well in the liberal media. Needless to say, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for any prominent conservative publication to make their man look like a joke on the front cover, for the sake of some insider giggles. No sir. Only us smart guy liberal types shoot down our own for laughs.