How to state the obvious

Greg Sheridan certainly has a breakthrough piece of commentary in The Australian today:

Key Liberal powerbrokers who backed Brendan Nelson as Opposition Leader have switched their allegiance to Malcolm Turnbull.

The shift, combined with a general sense of despair at Dr Nelson’s recent performance, means a leadership spill is likely within months.

Actually, I think that probably happened in the first day or two after Nelson won the leadership. In other breaking news, I’ve just heard on the grapevine that the Howard Government lost the federal election.

2 thoughts on “How to state the obvious

  1. Well might we wonder that after the appointment of Quentin Bryce as Governor General!

    More seriously, it’s probably true that Bryce was more “known” to Rudd because she was a Queenslander. There does seem to be a hint of parochial pro-Queensland bias floating around the highest levels of the government at the moment. To be honest though, unless it starts becoming really overt and negatively impacting other states, I don’t think its a big issue. Bryce is clearly a great choice for the job, Queenslander or not.

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