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Well welcome to this site, the new repository for my writing online. I have shifted from Movable Type to WordPress, which so far has been a disconcerting and frustrating experience, and perhaps just a bit more interestingly, from blogging under a fairly non-unique portion of my name to blogging under my full name. It’s a bit of an idiosyncratic step, in this modern age, when we are probably more concerned about privacy issues than ever. It is just plain natural to be concerned that the information we enter or store online may potentially be misused or misinterpreted. Truly, if the Internet and more specifically the blogosphere has achieved one certain thing for global society, it has been to ensure that more people are quoted out of context more often and more flippantly than ever before in the history of human civilisation.

So why, if this is the case, move to eponymous blogging? I won’t claim to assert there is an entirely rational decision-making engine that decided to throw the switch. However, there are some rational reasons for doing so. Having a site in your own name allows you to a certain extent to more robustly shape your presence online. If someone types your name into a search engine, Google will work its web spider magic and throw up a random collection of links featuring your name. Assuming there isn’t a website out there that actually features your name, anybody who has been active in society to a reasonable extent will probably find their name associated with a fairly strange and unrepresentative collection of web pages. As society increasingly progresses (or regresses) towards a society that finds out everything it needs to know by asking an imperfect computer program with a silly name, it becomes increasingly obvious that the appearance of one’s presence online is worth a bit more than a moment’s thought.

It goes without saying that I will probably be more self-conscious of what I write here than I have been previously. For the time being, at least, I also intend to be more prolific than I have been in the past. Given that one needs to have something of a life whilst working in a fairly demanding industry and having such a time-consuming hobby, this will probably prove difficult in practice, but we shall see how things develop. My focus will remain fairly political, although from time to time I may delve into other areas which manage to catch my interest.

In the meantime, I would certainly be interested in hearing about any eccentricities anybody notices with the layout of the site or otherwise. The theme is for now a scarcely modified version of the default WordPress theme, and was tested on Safari. It would nevertheless not surprise me if Mozilla or Internet Explorer were playing silly buggers with it to some extent.

9 thoughts on “Eponymous now

  1. Everything seems to be working fine on Firefox. I’ve been thinking of changing to WordPress. Any suggestions.

    I’m a great believer in the public persona even though lots of sites want pseudonyms or anonymous user names. Unfortunately I share a name with a prominent US Republican commentator and ex-politician. Even the same middle initial. There is also a senior IT bureaucrat in Britian and I have received email intended for him.

    See you on Facebook.

  2. Could be worse, mate, you could share your name with a Limerick wedding photographer and with a bloke who performs in leather bars in San Francisco. Look the other mes up.
    The site looks good for me too. Bring on the gravatars though…

  3. Congrats on your new home, Guy. The site looks like a nice clean read in Firefox, except that I had to increase the text size, but I often have to do that anyway. Your permanent links such as “About” are under a heading “Errata” so you need to change the heading – apart from that it’s lookin’ good!

  4. Kevin, good news about Firefox. You can get a free WordPress blog from WordPress.com (e.g. kevinrennie.wordpress.com), or otherwise, there are a few hosts around the joint that offer hosting together with a one-click install for WordPress. In lieu of free time, I have opted for the latter. I guess from what you and Liam are saying, in some respects I am blessed to have a somewhat unique name.

    If you want something relatively simple to blog with, WordPress might be a good option. To someone who is more used to mucking around in HTML and sorting things out that way it seems a bit restrictive, but if you are keen to stay out of the techo muck, it may well be the way to go.

    Liam… heh heh, yes, very true. There must be many, many Liam Hogans out there. Gravatars sound like a good idea – that’s something I’ll have to look into sorting out.

    Helen, thanks! I am a bit of a small fontophile so hopefully I will not cause anyone any eye strain, least of all myself. I’ll see how things go. I will change the Errata heading – cheers.

  5. Guy please email me so I can discuss about the screenreader issues with this site

  6. Hey, nice new site G !
    I’m liking it. Too bad u were sick azzzz on Boxing day plus I’m annoyed u didn’t tell me that ur other half was in town too..coz I would have come visit. N-ways, wish u were here to see the new Saunders baby – he’s pretty darn cute.
    k well ta.
    oh and don’t try to sound too academic in ur articles. Turns off the regular folk like myself with limited vocabulary. 😛

  7. Looks like a good move to me, Guy. Good on ya. I’m back in Oz and back on the interwebs now, so you can expect me to call by here more frequently than I did over at Polemica.

  8. Hey Durga, yes, being sick over Xmas sucked. The other half spent basically the whole time with her family, so visiting may have been difficult anyway. Looking forward to seeing the Saunders boy.

    Liam, you certainly get around mate. I think you were also involved in what sounds like quite a horrific criminal act over here recently, apparently.

    Damian, good to have you back. I monitored your duck exploits with interest – must have been a pretty amazing experience over there. Look forward to your thoughtful comments.

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